December 21, 2006

More Islamism in the Guardian

The guardian's Islamist writers seem to be getting better at disguising their Islam Uber Alles rhetoric. This one by Salma Yaqoob almost seems moderate. Most of it is wrong and based on lies but compared to what has been published it is a great impovement. Lies such as:
The freedom for Muslims to express their identity in Europe is today under attack.
No it isn't. They are completely free to practice their religion, to build Mosques, to wear ridiculous religious dress, and not to have to take it off even when other people in equally obsuring clothing would be told to. So much so that the suspected murderer of a police woman was able to stroll onto a plane to Somali simply by pretending to be a Muslim woman in a niqab.
Implicit in this attack is the view that Islam is intrinsically repressive, and embodies values alien to western values of liberty, tolerance and democracy.
Well Sheikh Mohammed al-Tabatabi said: "The west calls for freedom and liberty. Islam is not calling for this. Islam rejects such liberty." And Islamic countries are not noted for there tolerance, such as Saudi Arabia where "tens of Christians who were apparently detained solely for their religious beliefs" according to Amnesty International. Then there are the rival Islamists to Salma Yaqoob in hizb'ut tahir who say "western democracy is unacceptable to Muslims". So could that people are worried that Islam is alien to western values of liberty, tolerance and democracy because of Islam is alien to western values of liberty, tolerance and democracy?
for many Muslims, arguments about the specificity of the Holocaust are not the main reason they are uneasy about participation in memorial events. The main reason is Palestine.
The creation of Israel was mandated in 1922 by the League of Nations to secure a homeland for jews, it was not created in response to the holocaust. And is the pliat of muslims kept in a harsh life principally because of the actions of Muslims really worse than the murder of 11 million people, 6 million of whom where Jewish? Maybe to an Islamist it is
We should be part of it because our refusal merely gives succour to those who peddle prejudice and lies about the Holocaust.
Like Iran? Or Hamas? Or Hezbollah? No, I didn't think so.
One objection has been outlined by Inayat Bunglawala of the Muslim Council of Britain. "There have been many further instances of genocide and mass killings since we vowed 'never again' in response to the Nazi crimes," he has pointed out. "Do the innocent killed in those horrific episodes not equally deserve to be commemorated in a more inclusive and aptly titled Genocide Memorial Day?"
Holocaust memorial day is not exclusively Jewish, just as the Holocaust was not exclusively Jewish. Nor is it even exclusive to the Holocaust, many other genocides have been the focus for it over the years such as Rwanda.
It is significant because it represented the culmination of a political philosophy which labelled Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, Africans and many others as "subhuman"
Note the no mention of homosexuals in there, probably because Islam still labels them as subhuman worthy only of being killed in the worst, most severe way.
As fascists once again make political inroads across Europe - increasingly with Muslims as their target
To compare today with Nazi Germany is a joke, unless Salma Yaqoob means that Jews are disproportionately the target of attacks, which of course she doesn't. She means that somehow Muslims are treated like Jews where in Nazi Germany. Obviously because Muslims don't get their businesses systematically burned down, unlike Jews in Nazi Germany. They don't have their books burned, unlike the Jews in Nazi Germany (though there is one group in Britian that has a tendency for buring books and issuing death threats against artists, Muslims). They have full political participation including Islamist parties such as Respect, unlike the Jews in Nazi Germany. The only debate about Islamic dress is that it might be better not to wear such an extreme identifier of faith in order to diferentiate themselves from the majority, unlike the Jews in Nazi Germany who where forced to wear an identifier of their faith to diferentiate themselves from the majority against their will. A huge Mosques are springing up all over the place including the largest in europe which is planned for the London olympic site, unlike the Jews in Nazi Germany where their synagoues where destroyed. And currently the state bends over backwards to acquiese to every Islamic whim, unlike the Jews under Nazi Germany.

Islam is a religion, you can change it simply by changing your mind. Other Muslims may seek to kill you if you do, but nobody will consider you to be Muslim when you say you are not. The Jews did not have that option, they where considered a race and they where killed whether they practiced judaism, where secular, or had even converted to a different faith. Even just having a Jewish relative was enough.


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